To report any absence, please email or call 425-936-2691.

Attendance is important. We want to encourage and support your student in attending and participating in class each day, including Wednesdays.

If a student misses a “live” learning class, it is important that they continue to log into their Classroom Teams that day and engage in the learning activities that their teacher has created for them. Students may still be able to be marked as having attended if they engage in the daily learning in their Classroom Teams. Additionally, they must engage in some manner on Wednesdays to have that day count as "present".

In order to ensure that student activity is accounted for, teachers are being asked to take attendance the day following a class period. Evidence of student attendance includes:

     · Student attendance during the majority of a synchronous class meeting on Classroom Teams

     · Student completion of an assignment for that particular class day in Classroom Teams

     · Student engagement with a file or activity assigned for that particular day in Classroom Teams

     · Student engagement or completion of an assignment or engagement with an online platform (Dreambox, Lexia, etc.) as assigned by the teacher for that particular day

If your child will be absent for five or more days consecutively, you must fill out an extended absence form. These can be requested by email.

Any attendance questions should be sent to