International Night

Thank you for your support of this year's International Night.  Stay tuned for next year's event in 2020!

Ben Rush celebrates International Night each year to honor the international and regional diversity of our school community. It’s a feast for the eyes; a journey around the world. All families are invited to attend and it’s free!

When:  TBD

Where:  Commons at Ben Rush Elementary

How to Participate:

International Night DisplayWe invite your family to create a display that represents your country of origin. Ben Rush will provide a table and a free tri-fold board for you to display your pictures, traditional items and food. If you would like a tri-fold board, let your child know and we will send one home with them.

Display Items and Example:

Display items could be toys, books, clothes, posters, pictures, slide shows, art or crafts. You may also offer food samples, craft activities or games. Your ideas spark the success of this event. 

Set Up Begins:      6:15-6:30 PM  

Parade of Flags Begins:   6:30 PM

We suggest that families from the same country get together to have a joint display. 

We have found it is a good idea for families from the same region in India work together on joint displays. 

Action Item:  Please sign up for your table display and/or joint table display by clicking ==>here

Please be a volunteer: 
It takes a village to set up and take down an event like this and we need your help.

Action Item: Please sign up to be an event Volunteer by clicking ==> here!

Unlike previous years we will not be featuring live performances. Instead, you are welcome to submit a 2-minute (maximum) video of your child’s performance, traditional dance, etc. Ben Rush will put together a video of the performances that will run on a loop throughout the event. 

What to Expect During International Night

Activities: There will be games and activities from around the world at International Night.

FlagsParade of Flags: We will kick off International Night with the parade of flags at 6:30 PM. All kids are invited to dress in their traditional clothes, pick a flag and walk in the parade. They end at the stage for a photo opportunity. There will be a variety of flags available to carry in the parade. Arrive a little early to secure your favorite country.

Games from Around the World: In addition to all the other wonderful activities during International Night, we will also provide Games from Around the World.