Physical Education

PE Teachers - Brandt Rataeyzk ( and Christie Como (

My name is Brandt Rataeyzk and I am the full time physical education teacher at Rush. One of my primary goals as a physical educator is to teach every child, from the physically gifted to the physically challenged. It is our objective this school year to teach each student how and why he or she should keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their lifetime. In our physical education program we provide learning experiences, which are developmentally appropriate that will teach children how to be physically active in ways that increase physical competence, self-esteem and joy through lifelong physical activity. Here is how we achieve that goal:

1) Our physical education curriculum includes a balance or skills, concepts, game activities, rhythms and dance experiences designed to enhance the cognitive, motor skills, and physical fitness development of every child.

2) We provide experiences that encourage children to question, integrate, analyze, communicate, apply cognitive concepts and gain a wide multicultural view of the world.

3) Throughout the year we will teach activities that allow children the opportunity to work together to improve their emerging social and cooperative skills. These activities also help children develop a positive self-concept.

4) Physical Education grades are based through the ongoing assessment of children as they participate in PE class activities, with effort and behavior being the main focus of the grading scale.

5) Finally, our class is designed so that all children are involved in activities that allow them to remain continuously active. Please encourage your student to wear appropriate clothing for physical activity, especially tennis shoes on the days they have PE.

We are looking forward to the rest of school year, and can’t wait to get to know each one of your children. I would like to invite you to come and visit our physical education class anytime. By working together to encourage fitness, I am certain we will be able to help your student enjoy a lifetime of physical activity! We welcome your support.


Brandt Rataeyzk
Physical Education Specialist