English Language Learners

Ben Rush ELL Team

Jodie Howerton - jhowerton@lwsd.org

Cookie Grant-Suggs - lgrantsuggs@lwsd.org

Cyd Morgan - cmorgan@lwsd.org

Ben Rush ELL Program

Lake Washington School District’s English Learner (EL) program empowers EL students to both participate in classroom curriculum and attain English proficiency through language and academic support from highly-qualified EL teachers. The District provides varying levels of support based on students’ individual needs, language proficiency level, and grade level.

All multilingual students registering in Washington state are screened with an English proficiency assessment to determine if English Learner services should be provided. The language proficiency assessment determines a student’s overall ability to communicate and understand English through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. A certified EL teacher or trained proctor will administer the test, which is scheduled when you register your child at school.

For more information about the district EL program, please click here.