The counselor coordinates guidance program to help students acquire skills needed for school success, and provides prevention and intervention services to meet the educational and mental health needs of students within the public school system.

School Counseling Program Beliefs

  • All Students have the ability to achieve and be successful.
  • All students’ gender, ethnic, cultural, and racial differences as well as any special needs of the student are considered in the planning and implementation of the school counseling program.
  • All students have the right to participate in the school counseling program.
  • All students have access to the professional school counselor.

The Counseling Program Vision aligns with each Elementary school. Serving the unique needs of the specific elementary building.

Ben Rush Vision - Every Student Future Ready

School Counseling Vision is to encourage students to become independent thinkers, goal setters, and future ready. The counseling program provides a comprehensive guidance program that enhances students’ self-worth. The program strives to collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and other school and community members to promote student success.

Ben Rush Mission - Accept where students are, then inspire, engage, and challenge to reach personal success.

The School Counseling Program mission is to provide a comprehensive program is to promote personal, academic, and career success among all students in a safe environment in order to facilitate lifelong learning. The role of the school counselor is to be an advocate for all students by enhancing the overall school climate. This advocacy will enhance academic achievement and student potential.

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