School Safety

Keeping students and staff safe is a top priority.

One of our strategic goals is to "provide safe and innovative learning environments." The District and its schools plan and practice safety and emergency preparation, response and recovery. These efforts involve staff, students and parents, as well as local fire departments and law enforcement. We have annual earthquake drills as well as evacuation and lockdown drills. Please refer to our district web page for further Safety and ALICE information. Additional resources about the ALICE program can be found at

It is always a good idea to be vigilant while out and about; visiting a school should be no exception. Just a reminder that if you park at our schools, always lock your door and put your valuables away; just like when you visit your local store. You are also encouraged to help report something suspicious if you come across a situation that doesn’t look right. You can call the LWSD Resource Center at 425-936-1200 or the front office at the school you are visiting, or find a staff member and let them know the situation.