Parking Lot Safety


  • After passing the first crosswalk, pull up behind the last car in the drop off/pick up zone, and then passengers may unload.
  • Children need to get out of the car on the BUILDING SIDE and onto the sidewalk. If adults are planning to get out of the car, please park in the parking lot or on the street and walk to ensure that traffic in the drop off/pick up zone continues to move safely and efficiently. Watch and listen to the crossing guards as they are trained to keep everyone safe. Please do not block any crosswalks. 
  • Do not unload in the parking lot and drive away due to safety concerns. People are backing up or driving behind you and it is a safety risk for students. Instead, park and walk your child to the crosswalk. 
  • On the street, wait in line instead of crossing into the other lane to pass cars. Pull up next to the sidewalk if you are not entering the parking lot or drop off/pick up zone and have your child get out of the car near the sidewalk. 
  • U-TURNS are very dangerous and impede the flow of traffic; please do not make U-TURNS. 
  • BUS/STAFF parking lot is only for staff parking, which enables the buses to enter and exit in a safe and timely manner. Only park in the lot in front of the school. 
  • Please make RIGHT TURNS ONLY when leaving the drop off/pick up zone to increase efficiency and allow all kids to arrive on time.
  • The staff and the safety patrol team appreciate all your help in following these protocols. Being patient and considerate of others will help ensure the SAFETY of all staff, students, and visitors.

RCW 46.61.385 
It shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to fail to stop his or her vehicle when directed to do so by a school patrol sign or signal displayed by a member of the school patrol engaged in the performance of his or her duty and wearing or displaying appropriate insignia, and it shall further be unlawful for the operator of a vehicle to disregard any other reasonable directions of a member of the school patrol when acting in performance of his or her duties as such.

Ben Rush Parking Lot Map